A closer look at the Stone Island David-TC Ice Jacket

If this advanced silhouette doesn’t prove just how much detail and craftsmanship that goes into Stone Island pieces, we don’t know what will. Showing a complete contrast to other jackets, one stand-out feature is the black leather hood lined luxuriously with a thick shearling for comfort and maximum warmth during the colder months. The bright ice […]

Grenson Factory Tour

Grenson Factory Tour Aphrodite recently had the privilege of receiving an invitation for a guided tour of the famous Grenson factory with a cheeky interview with the Owner and Creative Director Tim Little. Situated in Northampton, the most recent premises have been occupied by the brand since 2013, after the move in 1895, when the […]

Norse Projects ? From the sky to the streets

Flight jackets are a staple in many a man's jacket collection and there is no rush in the classic demising any time soon. Originating from the military needing a jacket to keep their pilots warm during WWI when most airplanes did not have an enclosed cockpit, the flight jacket was born. Over the years the […]

Q&A with Grenson?s Owner and Creative Director, Tim Little

We were lucky enough to sit down with the Owner and Creative Director of Grenson Shoes, Tim Little, check out the full interview below: What was it about Grenson that made you decide to take the brand on? I think probably the main thing is the history, it was a company with wonderful and amazing […]

The North Face Brand Guide

In terms of global brand recognition, there is probably no outdoor brand more ubiquitous than The North Face, with its famous logo being seen on people across many countries, demographics and subcultures. Aphrodite are pleased to welcome the premium The North Face range to our lineup of brands for Fall/Winter 2017; channelling the storied history of […]

5 Sneaker Styles to See You Through the Winter

Let’s face it: when the weather is really going for it — heavy rain, sleet, snow, the whole works — sneakers aren’t exactly the ideal choice to keep you warm and dry, and you’d be better served by a sturdy pair of boots or leather derbies. But for the rest of the time, on those […]

The Continuing Relevance of Stussy

Even if you don’t have any interest in street fashion whatsoever, chances are you’ll have seen Stussy‘s logo around: that iconic, angular graffiti scrawl of the founder’s surname has been ever-present on streets around the world for over 30 years, on hats, t-shirts, jackets and all manner of streetwear staples. As one of the latest […]

Get prepped for winter with North Face, in store and online now

The North Face black label combines the practical elements of the outerwear brand with contemporary design to create a stylish jacket which will serve you well over the years. Taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s designs, the North Face black label uses modern cuts and fabrics mixed with bold colours to create something special […]

The Evolution Of The Premier League Logo

Premier League logo The Premier League logo is one of the most recognisable logos in the sports world, but as of February 2016 the PL announced it wanted a new 'visual identity' for the 2016/2017 season. Over the years the Premier League has had a number of different logos since its conception in 1992, but […]

Stutterheim Brand Guide

The History of Stutterheim It is highly unusual for a brand to align itself with the concept of ‘melancholy’, but that is exactly what Swedish raincoat masters Stutterheim proclaim: ‘Swedish Melancholy At Its Driest’. Rather than putting forth a sullen brand image, however, they use the idea of melancholy to project a sense of dissatisfaction […]